Grades 5–6


Grades 5–6

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders build bridges from the past to the future as they explore history, science, literature and math with increasing curiosity and sophistication.

Early American history and the making of a nation is the focus of social studies.

Investigations in science connect the work of scientists in the past with theories and principles that guide our explorations today. We test Newton’s laws of gravity with an egg-drop experiment.

Fifth graders deepen their understanding of fractions and decimals, as well as problem-solving and reasoning.

Novels and stories in our literature book help students understand the lives of people in different times and cultures. Creative writing activities prompt them to examine their own lives and values.

Fifth graders learn about Reformation history and lead a fall chapel service on Martin Luther and the theology of being saved by God’s grace.

Ruth Massman
, fifth grade teacher

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders are preparing for the future as they look forward to junior high. Higher-level thinking, increasing independence, good Christian character and self-confidence are things we work on in sixth grade.

Each day begins with religion class where the theme is “Walking with God’s People.”

Math focuses on pre-algebra, number systems, ratios, expressions and equations as well as geometry.

Social studies looks at world history and geography, including an “Egypt Adventure.”

The interactive science curriculum focuses on cells, earth’s structure, and sound and light.

Technology is a key part of instruction and student research in all curricular areas.

Sixth graders write a major paper, following a step-by-step process of researching, writing and revising.

Kristi Underhill, sixth grade teacher

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