Junior high (grades 7–8)


Junior high (grades 7–8)

Junior High

Junior high prepares students to live out their faith in high school and beyond, as they acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in the years ahead. The challenges of life and relationships with parents, teachers, and peers in junior high are not always easy. Grace students are reminded always that God loves them, and led by God’s word, they are encouraged to seek God’s will for their lives in all they do.

We have a challenging curriculum that prepares students for high school: 

  • Multiple levels of math instruction meet students where they are and offer opportunities to work independently.
  • Language arts prepares students to write papers in high school and to think critically as they read.
  • Students study a two-year American history curriculum, with challenging and thoughtful discussions of the “why” as well as the “what” of difficult chapters in the past.
  • Science class includes the excitement of dissecting a frog and a sheep’s heart, as well the challenge of building a roller coaster.
  • Junior high includes an every-other-year trip to Springfield, Illinois, and exploration of interesting places in the city of Chicago.

Junior high students have many opportunities to explore interests and discover talents outside of the classroom as they take on leadership roles in the school community.

Lisa Wolfanger, Brian Schultz, teachers

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