Grace Lutheran School Profile 2019-20


Grace Lutheran School Profile 2019-20

One Campus, One Community

Early Childhood Program

  • PK (three-year-olds)
  • JK (four-year-olds)
  • SK (five-year-olds)

Elementary & Middle School

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Fifth
  • Sixth
  • Seventh
  • Eighth


207 in the 2019-20 school year


Students commute from surrounding neighborhoods.  11% live in Chicago, 28% in Oak Park, 10% in River Forest, 12% in Maywood, 11% in Forest Park, 11% in Elmwood Park, and 17% other suburbs.


59 % white, 12.5 % bi-racial, 22 % African American, 3 % Hispanic, 3 % Asian, 0.5 % Native American. 

Religious background. 46 students from Grace Lutheran Church, 53 from other Lutheran churches, 51 belong to non-denominational churches, 5 attend Catholic churches, 2 Jewish, and 50 have no home church.


Administration. Bill Koehne, Principal. Brian Schultz, Assistant School Administrator. and Eileen Maggio, Administrative Assistant.

Faculty.  The school staffs classrooms with highly qualified educators, and strives to bring in teachers with higher academic degrees. Nine teachers hold a Master’s degree. We seek more than academic proficiency. Our teachers function as role models. Their lives exemplify Christ's teachings in the classroom, in athletics, in the fine arts, and in other student activities. Our entire faculty and staff are committed to Grace Lutheran Church & School's distinctive mission that combines academic excellence with Christian character and faith development. 

Nine full-time and two part-time classroom teachers, a full-time special education instructor and a part-time reading specialist, a full-time library media specialist/technology teacher, and part-time teachers for music, art, PE, and German.  

Staff. Part-time social worker, speech therapist, and nurse; five part-time classroom aides and five part-time extended daycare staff members.

Volunteers. Involved parents and congregation members work with students in classrooms and in special programs.

Faith Formation

Religion. The Bible and Christian doctrine are taught in daily classes.
Classroom devotions and prayer: The school day begins and ends with prayer.

Worship.Weekly all-school chapel services are led by pastors, teachers, guests, and students.

Service. A variety of service projects are done by our students to benefit ministries both near and far.

Specialty Classes

ArtWeekly art classes, where students are introduced to a variety of artists, art elements, and principles, techniques and materials. 

Music. Weekly general music classes consist of note reading, rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Choir. Choir and/or handbells during the school day

Library. The library gives students the opportunity to learn about the classification of books, genres of literature, research, and create projects using on-line research, periodicals, and books. 

Technology. Technology is used to enhance our curriculum and student learning. Technological, research and project-based skills are crucial in this digital age. 

Physical Education. Students learn team-building and individual athletic skills through instruction.


Sports. Cross country and track for girls and boys in grades 3-8; basketball and volleyball for girls and boys in grades 5-8.

Fine Arts 

An important and beneficial adjunct to the GLS educational program is the Fine Arts Programs, which offers musical instruction for students during the school day. On-campus scheduling gives many of our students a valuable opportunity to develop musical ability and performance skills. 

Band. Ensemble and individual lessons taught by teachers from Walther High School.

Orchestra. Violin lessons and two levels of orchestra.

7300 Division Street | River Forest, IL 60305 | (708) 366-6900