Early childhood


Early childhood

Children age 3, 4 and 5 learn through structured activities and free play in a stimulating, caring environment.


Preschool (age 3 by September 1)

Coming to school is a big step for three-to-four-year-olds. For many children it is their first opportunity to spend significant time in a structured setting outside the home or the presence of a familiar caregiver. Grace’s preschool program offers children a warm, welcoming environment where they grow in confidence and self-awareness.

Preschoolers learn in many ways:
    •    Children build, touch, count, learn letters, sing, and converse.
    •    Children participate in free play, small-group activities, and whole-group listening.
    •    Children eat together, play outside, and practice self-care activities such as getting dressed and helping with clean-up.
    •    Children learn how to make friends and how to be a friend.
    •    Children learn that God loves and cares for each of us and together we praise and worship God.

Junior Kindergarten (age 4 by September 1)

Explore and more! Junior Kindergarten is a time for four-to-five-year-olds to enjoy all the new experiences school can provide and grow physically, academically, socially and spiritually.

JK students at Grace find joy in days filled with learning and new discoveries:
    •    Participate in opportunities for self-expression, problem-solving, building relationships and making decisions.
    •    Learn skills for letter and number recognition, phonics, science, math and writing
    •    Experience music, physical education and fine arts
    •    Expand social skills: sharing, cooperation, and good sportsmanship
    •    Talk about how much God loves us and hear Bible stories, sing and pray together.

Senior Kindergarten (age 5 by September 1)

Eager to learn everything! Senior kindergartners are curious by nature, energetic beyond belief, and excited about learning. Through social interactions, children experience cause-and-effect and learn to make choices and plans. 

Senior kindergarten students practice life and learning skills in everything they do:
    •    The senior kindergarten classroom allows for hands-on discovery, interaction with peers and with the environment, and guided instruction from teachers.
    •    Students learn through investigation, observation, movement, and interactions with peers and teachers.
    •    Free-choice activities at the beginning of the day allow the teacher to spend individual time focusing on each child’s specific needs and strengths.
    •    Students participate in music, art, and gross-motor activities.
    •    Language arts instruction includes individualized work in pre-reading and reading skills.
    •    Students learn that they are uniquely created children of God and that Jesus’ love for them is constant and never-ending.


Flexible options for Early Childhood

Class Time Days
Preschool 8:15–11:30am 3 days (M-W-F), 2 days (T-Th), or 5 days
Junior kindergarten (JK) 8:15–11:30am Monday through Friday
Senior kindergarten (SK) 8:15–11:30am Monday through Friday
JK and SK afternoon 11:30am–3pm 1–5 days per week 
Jk and SK after-school care After-school care is available at Grace until 6pm


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