Grades 1–2


Grades 1–2

First Grade

A child-centered curriculum in first grade gives children a place to wonder, question, and imagine. Lessons and activities are planned to help each student gather knowledge, and gain skills.

In religion class, students hear the many stories of God’s love shown to people throughout the ages.

Language arts instruction focuses on important skills on the way to becoming lifelong readers. First graders encounter literature as they learn phonics, vocabulary, and grammar. They also practice comprehension skills, creative writing, and critical thinking.

Math instruction includes the use of manipulatives, games, and problem-solving activities.

In science we learn about living things, weather and seasons, and caring for the environment.

In social studies first graders learn about being good citizens and gain a better understanding of other places and cultures.

Classes in art, music, and physical education are additional opportunities for first graders to express themselves and grow in relationship with God and others.

Jessi Pederson, 1st grade teacher

Second Grade

Second graders are enthusiastic and becoming more confident and responsible.

At a pivotal stage for learning to read they are excited to read selections from many different genres and to choose their favorites.

Authentic writing experiences are woven into daily classroom activities. Students also participate in writing workshops where they plan, draft, revise, publish, and share their work.

Second graders study double-digit addition and subtraction, are introduced to multiplication, and do story problems. They study time, money, fractions, measurement, and geometry.

Discovery and hands-on learning are a big part of our science curriculum. Lab activities in each unit call for intuitive reasoning, exploration and cooperation.

We study community, earth and its natural resources, economic goods and services, and government and citizenship in social studies, as well as landmarks, customs, and traditions in the United States and other nations.

As they live out their faith, second graders learn to negotiate friendships and to support and respect each other in the classroom.

 Stacy Sorg, 2nd grade teacher

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