Grades 5–6


Grades 5–6

Fifth Grade

Enter fifth grade and be prepared for a journey to the past, present
and future.  

The journey to the past gets started with social studies. Looking back
at American history helps students understand major events that have shaped our country into what it is today. Special programs such as the unit on the Protestant Reformation and the "Heart and Soul of Chicago" field trip also help students connect the past with the present.

Science is another subject where students look back and use the work of earlier scientists to help them explore the same concepts in our modern world. Life, earth and physical science topics are experienced with hands-on activities in the fifth-grade curriculum.

Math and language arts represent the present in the fifth grade journey. Mastering these subjects now is very important to future success in school. Part of the journey includes literature circles. Working in student-led groups, fifth and sixth graders have the opportunity to read and discuss novels. Leading and participating in religion classes, daily devotions, and weekly chapel services are part of the spiritual journey in fifth grade. Fifth graders also take on a larger role in the annual Christmas Eve service.  

The future and God's plan for us are part of the values we discuss and
practice on a daily basis. This journey is remarkable.

Ruth Massman
, fifth grade teacher

Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is a year for preparing for the future, for looking forward to junior high and adolescence. Higher-level thinking, increasing independence, good Christian character, and self-confidence are goals for sixth-grade students.

The year includes a major field trip shared with the fifth graders. Trips follow a two-year cycle. One year holds an outdoor education experience. The second year is the “Heart and Soul of Chicago” field trip, which includes visits to places of worship in the city and other popular sites. As a final project, students design a model worship space, incorporating elements from places they visited.

Sixth-grade math focuses on pre-algebra, and social studies looks at world history. In science the students encounter an interactive curriculum, with areas of focus on cells and heredity, earth’s structure and surface, and sound and light.
One of the big academic events of the sixth grade year is the research paper, when students follow a step-by-step process for researching a topic and writing and revising a paper. The sixth grade language arts curriculum also includes work in literature circles.

Laura Clauss, sixth grade teacher

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