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Advent Thankoffering 2014



"I love words. When I attend church on Sunday, I always find words from the service that resonate with me. Whatever difficulties I am having in my own life, the Sunday service calms me and God's words keep me centered in my faith. Words of encouragement and peace come from the liturgy, a phrase from a hymn or choral piece, sermon, scripture, exchanging peace with a pew neighbor—and my day is brightened. My Thankoffering this year is given in gratitude for this place, this community, this blessing in my life." Lori Martin

In this season of expectation and hope ...

... the Stewardship Committee invites you to make an Advent Thankoffering, a special year-end gift of gratitude in support of Grace’s ministries. Members of the Stewardship Committee shared their personal reasons for making a Thankoffering in a letter mailed to members’ homes last week. (Read them here.) How have you been shown God’s love and care in the past year, especially here at Grace Church?

AdventWreath_Grace.jpgIf you would like to make an Advent Thankoffering, please use the special green envelope that was in your mailing. Extra envelopes can be found in the rack in the narthex and by the reception desk. Or give online (please type Advent Thankoffering in the box marked "Other.")

With the end of the calendar year approaching, you might also consider a gift of assets.