Prayers and Thanksgiving

We pray for Sharon Kluge, recovering from eye surgery.

We pray for Paul Bouman, Audrey Brown, Kathleen Cartier, Constance Coon, Monte Cross, Christopher Davis, Hans Dumpys, Maybelle Good, Ginger Folgers, June Froehlig, Carolyn Gillespie, Mary Grebner, Marilyn Krautstrunk, Karen Kress, Martha Leininger, Rosemary Lipka, Walter Martin, Harriet Napolitan, and Cindy Rohlfing.

Also for Ed Augustin (Scott Schwar’s brother), Sandra Bergersen (Barbara Rinnan’s daughter-in-law), Christina Bixby (daughter-in-law of Sandy and David Lentz), Les Brucker (June Froehlig’s son-in-law), Gordon Condon (Kathleen Sosa’s brother), James Crone (son of Valerie, grandson of Eunice Spurgat), Marva Dawn (friend of many at Grace), Wayne and Janice Ebert (Chrissy Nelson’s parents), Lynn Cottrell, Marlene Faust and Susan Prather (cousins of Adrienne and Ron Rott), Joe Faddoul (nephew of Dennis Gross), Eleanora Foss (grandmother of Grace School students Alexander and Anastasia Melani), Dan Guerrera (former member, father of Jamie),  Ruth Heck (Marilyn Busse’s sister), Jody Keithly (sister of Terry VanderWell), Elsa Gerlach Kirsch (Chuck Levell’s aunt), Donald Kline (Sandy Rollheiser’s father), Vernice Krout (mother of Dan and Susan),  Eunice Larsen (Rebecca Dahlstom’s mother), Dennis Laux (Ruth’s son), JoAnn Lehmann (mother of Dan, grandmother of Felicia Niermann), Dorothy and Willard Licht (parents of Kay Bowers), Paul Markese (Cari McKee’s father), Lisa Marotz (niece of Dan and Deanna), Cindy Offermann (daughter-in-law of Don and Verna), Elaine Maxwell Olmsted (aunt of Tom Maxwell), Steve Olmsted (cousin of Tom Maxwell), Marie Paganis (relative of Carol Prinz), Waldemar Pawluk (Karen Danford’s brother), Robert Reuter (Beth Reyes’ father), Florence Rigburs (Ackli Howell’s aunt), Esther Rollheiser (Mike’s mother), Dirk Schnittker (brother of Paul), and Phyllis Throwbridge (sister of Dennis Gross).

We pray for Faith Schoon, whose mother, Virginia Christian, died recently; for Irene Brandt, on the death of her brother, Pastor Arnold Ludwig; and for all who mourn the death of Janet McAuliffe, a former member of Grace.

We pray for all who mourn the death of Paul Grotulueschen, former member and a friend of many at Grace. Funeral services will take place in Colorado, after the New Year.

We celebrate with Lydia Marie Costello, daughter of Michael and Rebekah, to be baptized January 1.

Thanks from Paul Bouman, who writes, “To say I am overwhelmed by your attention during my recent hospital stay is putting it mildly.  In so many ways, you showed your concern for me and my family.  Including me in your prayers on Sundays and other times did not go unnoticed.  Vicky and I and our children shout a resounding ‘Thank you!’ and wish many blessings for you in these blessed days of Christmas.  Our Grace family is a blessing to cherish.  We love you.”

Farewell and godspeed to Jeremy, Kendall, Vaden and Jack Grigg, who are moving to the Boston area. 

Prayer chain
Phone confidential prayer chain requests to Kathy Lucht (630-915-5712) or Leona Heckmann (708-366-7764).  Contact Grace to be included on the published prayer list.