Church Life: Worship & Music

Sunday worship

Holy Communion at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.
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Worship at Grace Lutheran Church

In worship we proclaim God's Word and celebrate the sacraments. As we worship together, we express our identity as the people of God and celebrate our unity with Christians across the ages. As Lutheran Christians at Grace we follow traditional liturgical forms and strive to bring our very best to God with excellence in music, preaching, and other facets of worship. Our worship includes robust congregational singing, outstanding organ music, and contributions from choirs and vocal and instrumental soloists—all to the glory of God and the building up of God's people.

Visitors to Worship
Your presence is a blessing to us in our worship! Whether you are visiting for just one Sunday or visit regularly, we're glad to see you. Join us in the atrium for coffee after the service. Attend a class during the Adult Education hour, Introduce yourself to the pastors. We pray that your worship at Grace nourishes and sustains you throughout the week.

• During the service, please sign the fellowship pad located at the end of each pew and include your address and phone number.
• Children of all ages are welcome at our worship services. Child care is available for children age 4 and under in the church nursery. Ask an usher for directions.

Holy Communion
In the Lord's Supper, the crucified and risen Christ is present, giving his true body and blood as food and drink. We welcome all baptized Christians to the table where Christ himself is host.

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