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Sunday School and Confirmation classes resume at 9:45am this Sunday with a Baptism Festival and Family Brunch in Fellowship Hall. Parents, children and guests are welcome!

Sunday School and Confirmation schedule 2015-16

Scholar Ralph Klein talks about the Bible in Adult Ed on Sunday

Adult Education classes also resume at 9:45am this Sunday, with Ralph Klein, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, leading the first of four Sunday sessions on reading the Bible.

klein.jpgDr. Klein describes the class: "How the Bible has been read in the last 2,000 years represents enormous changes as Christians have tried to understand how the Bible relates to their daily life. The process starts with the interpretation of the Old Testament in the New Testament. The Reformation led to new insights and new ways of reading the Bible. Today our Bible reading is affected by the recovery of the ancient world through archaeology, the rise of biblical criticism, and by the inclusive roster of biblical interpreters including women, people of color, and the younger churches in the Two Thirds world."

Adult Ed's Growing Point Series continues on Jan. 10 with a presentation from Chef Chris Koetke and Jeff Cribbs on "The Role of Food and Hospitality in Ministry at Grace."