FreedinChrist.jpgBring your pledge card to Faith Promise Sunday this week

"Through pledging we can thoughtfully consider how we can fulfill our tithe throughout the year and give back from the many blessings that God has given us."
Esther Armstrong

This Sunday is Faith Promise Sunday. Please prayerfully consider your giving of time, talent and treasure for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Then, bring your Faith Promise pledge card to worship services on Sunday, April 28. (Pledge cards will be available on Sunday morning, or download it here. If you will not be present on April 28, mail your response to Grace or place it in the collection plate any Sunday.)

Bach Cantata on Sunday

Sunday’s cantata is "Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen" (“Weeping, wailing, fretting, fearing,“ BWV 12). The homilist is the Rev. Gary Weant. The pre-service music, an organ recital by Steve Wente of Concordia University, begins at 3:45. Concordia University's Laudate women's ensemble, directed by Maurice Boyer, sings in the service.

Pastor Modahl

Pastor Modahl has returned to work after successful back surgery last week. However, a tube that was passed down his throat as a routine part of receiving general anesthesia paralyzed one of his vocal cords. He cannot speak above a loud whisper. Very likely this is only a temporary condition. He is working with an expert physician and hopes to be back in the pulpit on Sunday, May 5.

Logo.jpgGrace School Walkathon

Grace School students will be walking through the streets of River Forest next Thursday, May 2, to raise money for the school. They're also collecting food for the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry. Read more.


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