Are you still waiting to hear from an Every Member Visit team?

EveryMemberVisitLogo.jpgTwo-person visiting teams have been talking with Grace members during the summer as part of an Every Member Visit project sponsored by the Board of Elders.

This is an ambitious project. There are 40 visiting teams, each one with ten or more households to contact and visit. The teams are slowly working their way through their lists, with some reorganizing going on as needed. If you are one of many Grace members still waiting to schedule a time to talk, please know that someone will call you soon.

The members of the Board of Elders are very committed to this project, as part of their charge in Grace’s bylaws to “attend to the spiritual needs of the congregation." The conversations are confidential, but the ideas that surface in these discussions will be shared (with your permission) with pastors and congregation leaders. It’s important for all voices to be heard in our ongoing discussion about mission, ministry and what God is doing at Grace Church.

If you have any questions about the visits, contact Susie Calhoun, chair of the Board of Elders, at