Bright_StarsImageSmall_Jan2013.jpgJanuary Grace Notes

You may have already received the January Grace Notes in your mailbox. The January issue is also available to download from the Grace web site.

(Image: Madonna and Child from Bright Stars of Bethlehem "Room for Hope" art exhibit. Read about it in Grace Notes).

Advent Thankoffering

As you reflect on God's presence in your life in the last year, consider responding with a special Thankoffering, a gift above and beyond your Faith Promise pledge. How has God blessed you in the last calendar year? How will you share those blessings with others? 

From the Business Office: 
To be credited to 2012 statements, contributions to Grace must be received or postmarked by December 31. Checks placed in the offering plate on Tuesday, January 1, will be credited on 2013 statements, even if they are dated 2012.

(Go to the online giving page to make a gift using electronic funds transfer or a debit or credit card. If your gift is a special Thankoffering, please type "Thankoffering" in the box marked "Other.")

Congregation Meeting

There is a regular meeting of the congregation on Sunday, Jan. 20, at approximately 12:15 p.m. (after the 11:00 worship service).  The agenda for the meeting includes:  (a) presentation and election of candidates for officer positions, council members, board members, and some committee members; (b) presentation of annual reports; (c) the Treasurer's report; and (d) new business (if any). The slate of candidates for election positions will be available on the Grace web site in early January.