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Tower Campaign


Read more about why it's important to repair the tower now.

Watch a video about the tower.

Restoration work on the Grace tower will continue through the summer

Scaffoldng is now going up around the Grace Church tower as the restoration process continues. Damaged mortar and cracked stones will be repaired and replaced. The work will be completed in the fall of 2014

The exterior entrance to the sanctuary (the wooden doors on Bonnie Brae) will be blocked during the restoration project.

A fundraising campaign in the fall of 2013 raised more than $1.3 million in contributions and pledges, exceeding its goal of $1.2 million. The project includes the replacement of cracked stones and crumbling mortar throughout the 1930 neo-gothic tower structure.

A tithe of $80,000 on campaign gifts collected thus far will be dispersed this month to the three benevolences supported by the Tower Campaign. Uptown Ministry will receive funds to support the ADA-compliant renovation of two bathrooms. The Christian Center for Education in Slovakia and KidzExpress in Austin will also receive funds from the Campaign.

View photos of the damage to the tower

View close-ups of the tower angels and other details