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Tower Campaign


Campaign Committee members describe
 their commitment to Saving the Tower

“I see the tower as an important symbol of our congregation’s aspirations for a strong faith community. It was built by a generation to whom all members of Grace owe deep gratitude. We have a duty to preserve the beauty of our church for future generations of Grace faithful.”
Tom Zurowski,
Co-Chair, Save the Tower Committee

The repair and preservation of the Grace Church tower is a $1.2 million dollar project. The cost is significant—it’s an amount that cannot be absorbed by our congregation’s regular operating budget. Over the summer, congregation president Jeff Wood and the Church Council determined that a special fundraising campaign would be needed to raise the money. Tom Zurowski and Christa Krout were asked to chair the committee.

Christa says, “My parents were visiting and my mother and I were having a conversation about how I was not as involved in church as I had been when our children were smaller. Then my phone rang, and it was Jeff Wood, asking me to serve on the Tower Committee. Grace Church holds such an enormous place in my heart. Serving on a committee to maintain the physical plant is the least I can do.”

The Committee, made up of eight dedicated members, has been meeting since July. Work on the tower will begin in the spring of 2014 and should be finished in the fall. The campaign to raise the money to pay for the project kicks off at the end of October.

It’s clear that now is the time to do what we can to preserve the architectural treasure that is the Grace tower.

“Why would we wait?” asks Christa. “The need is now and the structure is compromised. I look at this as I would a repair on my own home. It’s not something I really want to spend my money on, but it’s only going to get worse, both financially and structurally. This is not a glamorous cause, but the physical plant is a necessary part of our ministry at Grace.”

Ken Folgers adds, “The tower and the church building are so integral to our weekly worship. It is within those walls that I receive my support and grounding each week.”

While the repair of the Grace Tower may seem to be a “bricks and mortar” project, it is closely connected to our mission and ministry here at Grace. A successful fundraising campaign will make it possible to repair the tower without taking on long-term debt.

LaNell Mahler Koenig: “We want to honor and respect what was built in the past and maintain it for future generations, so we can continue to boldly proclaim the gospel.”

Tracy Nicastro: “The people of Grace are generous and feel the importance of having a strong, healthy, safe place to worship and fulfill our mission.”

During November there will be many opportunities to learn about the repairs and ways to support the project financially. The Save the Tower Campaign will be asking for thoughtful and proportionate gifts and pledges from every member of our faith community. All that we have comes from God. We can express our appreciation and gratitude by supporting this campaign.

“God has blessed us with the resources to accomplish this task.” Committee member Stan Reddel.

The campaign also needs your heartfelt prayer—for this project and for the mission and ministries of Grace Lutheran Church and School. The focus of the Save the Tower campaign is Grace’s building, but this is also a time for Grace members to think and pray about our commitment to being God’s people in this time and place. We have been set free by the grace of God. We are called to bring God’s love and grace to a world in need.

“I have received so much. This is how I show my gratitude.” RoseMary Gange Anderson