Walking Together with Scripture, Sponsored by the Health Cabinet

We are taking more steps to improve health, fight local hunger, and assist in children’s education efforts across the world.  Together we are traveling on a virtual journey from River Forest to benevolences in Martin, Slovakia, and Bethlehem, Palestine, and back to River Forest—12,397 miles. 

All ages and levels of fitness and walking ability are walking. There will be prize drawings for those who complete their walking logs for all 12 weeks, from June 7 – August 30.

Here's the report on Week 1
110 participant have purchased pedometers and packets and are out walking!!! 

53 people have reported their steps for Week 1: 2,614,028 total steps have been walked for 1307 miles! We made it into the Atlantic Ocean, east of Boston and South of Nova Scotia—start swimming!

Our top fivesteppers were: 
Rachel Hindery   117,072
Susan Weber        97,679
Peter Armstrong    97,040
Kim Ramos            91,177
Marilyn Wenzel      82,924
Please submit your total steps/miles online for week 2 using this form, or turn in your yellow sheet in the “shoe box” in the atrium. It’s not too late to join us.  Contact Kim Ramos if you would like a pedometer and packet.  If you want to make a small weekly donation for The Center for Education in Martin Slovakia, and Brightstars of Bethlehem, you may drop it in the “shoe box” too.