Adult Education classes


Adult Education classes

 Classes meet at 9:45am on Sunday mornings. When only one class is scheduled it meets  in the Seminar Room; when two classes are scheduled the second one meets in the 7th grade/German classroom.

February 3

Life Together (second of two sessions)
Pastor Dave Lyle

Seminar Room
What does it mean to live together in Christ? Surely it is more than simply occupying the same space. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s reflections in his book “Life Together” point us in the right direction. For Bonhoeffer, life together for Christians is always lived under the Word, fed and fulfilled by the sacraments.


Untying Knots
Mike McGillicuddy, Pastor Dave Wegner
7th grade/German classroom
We will explore how our Christian faith calls us to listen, respect nuanced opinions, and work together to better our community through thoughtful and civil discourse. 

FEBRUARY 17 and 24

The Book of Job: What Does All This Mean?
Dr. Michael Graves, Armerding Professor of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College
Seminar Room
We will consider together the biblical literary masterpiece the book of Job. From the back-and-forth explorations of Job’s calamity found in the poetic core, to the dramatic divine appearance, to the enigmatic introduction and surprising conclusion, the book of Job challenges us to reflect more deeply on the meaning of every aspect of our lives and our place in the universe.


(The presentation by Paul Eichwedel on "Jeremiah House," originally scheduled for February 24, will be rescheduled for later in the year. )

March 3 and 10

Connecting People to Nature in the Chicago Region: The Field Museum's Journey of Discovery
Mark Bouman, Chicago Region Program Director, Keller Science Action Center, Field Museum

Grace member Mark Bouman leads the Field Museum's interdisciplinary environmental conservation and cultural heritage work in the Chicago region. He’ll talk about how a collections-based natural history museum, came to take on the future-oriented mission of “seeking solutions for a brighter future rich in nature and culture”? He’ll share examples of this work on-the-ground, both inside the Museum and across the landscape of the Chicago region and reflect on the intersections of the ecological and social scientific work of the Museum and the concerns of people of faith.



Making a Difference: Sharing Your Time, Talents and Treasures

David Henry and James Smith, Thrivent Financial
Stewardship means making intentional choices about how we use our resources to care for ourselves, our family and friends, our church and our community. What is meaningful for you as you consider how you will steward your time, talent and treasure?  This presentation will focus on understanding and aligning personal values and generosity.

MARCH 24 and 31

Know Your Theologians: Augustine in a McNuttshell
Jennifer and David McNutt
Seminar Room
In 386, in a garden in Milan, the future Bishop of Hippo, Augustine, experienced an encounter with God that would forever transform his life. Following his baptism by Church Father Ambrose the following year, Augustine would begin to write theology that would shape and transform Western Christian belief and practice with a legacy that continues today. Over the course of two classes, you will be introduced to the life and thought of Augustine with particular focus on his Confessions. Join us as we get to know one of the greatest Christian theologians of the church’s history and how he continues to inform our faith today.

Jennifer McNutt, PhD, is Associate Professor of Theology and History of Christianity at Wheaton College. David McNutt, PhD, is an Associate Editor at IVP Academic, an imprint of InterVarsity Press, and a Guest Professor at Wheaton College. The McNutts are launching a new ministry called McNuttshell Ministries, Inc.


april 7

Sustainability — What, Why, How?
Pam Todd, Ed Mason, Sandy Lentz
Seminar Room
What does this commonly heard term really mean? Why does our faith’s direction to care for creation impel us to act? How can we as individuals make a difference? Three Grace master gardeners offer their perspective.


There are no Adult Ed classes on Palm Sunday, April 14, and Easter Sunday, April 21. 


april 28 and May 5

 Teen Angst and Other Problems”
Susan Scherer
In these two sessions, pediatric psychiatrist Susan Scherer will discuss mental health issues in children and adolescents, including common psychiatric problems of youth, warning signs, and when and how to get help. She will present information about different types of therapies and providers, support and advocacy groups, and barriers to care. In the second session she will be joined by Ellie Borgstrom, Community Education Coordinator from West Suburban National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), who will speak about “Ending the Silence.” Both teens and adults will benefit from these sessions. (Seminar Room)


May 12 and 19


Julie Hinz 

Forgiveness. Hard to give and yet we crave it for ourselves from each other and from God. It requires us to set aside ego and ask for it, or to look past our own hurts and offer it. In these two sessions we will explore what forgiveness is, what God and scripture command of us, how we fall short, and how we can see forgiveness and the act of forgiving as gifts we can offer each other and the world. In this sacred space, we will listen, share, and prayerfully explore what healthy, God-fearing forgiveness and reconciliation can look like in our lives. 
(Seminar Room)


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