Adult Education classes


Adult Education classes

 Classes meet at 9:45am on Sunday mornings in the Seminar Room.

July 14

"Stewardship of Death"
Pastor Dave Wegner

Many things take place at the end of life, affecting those dying and those who care for them. In this session we'll explore the ways in which families can help one another make advanced preparations so that time together at the end of life is holy, dignified, and wrapped in the grace and love of God.

July 28

"The Life and Music of Bach, Schütz, and Handel"
Pastor Michael Costello
Heinrich Schütz was an early master who focused on settings of biblical texts. J. S. Bach wrote over 300 cantatas along with works for organ and instrumental pieces, and has been called the "fifth evangelist" for the way he proclaimed the gospel in music. Handel's great work, Messiah, is a setting of scriptural texts. Learn more about these three German-born musicians on the day the Lutheran church commemorates their legacy of sacred music. (J. S. Bach died on July 28 in 1750.)

August 11 and 18

"Faithful Parenting"
Pastor Lauren Wegner
So many approaches to parenting exist--and plenty of judgment, too! Parents of children of all ages are invited to a group discussion on parenthood and the Christian life. How are we called to raise and teach our children in light of our faith? What lessons on parenting does Scripture provide for us? From toddler to teenager and every other age, our children are one of the greatest gifts from God to us and to the world. Join us as we share together our hopes, joys, and challenges of faithful parenting.

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