Adult Education classes


Adult Education classes

 Classes meet at 9:45am on Sunday mornings in the Seminar Room.

September 15

Report from the 2019 Slovakia Mission Team

In late June Grace members and staff again traveled to Martin, Slovakia, to teach VBS at the Center for Christian Education. Hear about their trip and the continuing mission of the CCE to bring Christianity to post-Cold War Slovakia. (Seminar Room)

There is no Adult Ed program on September 22.

September 29

Faithful Living and Joyful Giving:  Surprisingly Good News about "Stewardship"

Mark Allan Powell, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio

What the Bible actually teaches about stewardship — time, talents, and treasures —  is surprisingly good news! With good humor and a high degree of self-disclosure, Bible scholar Mark Allan Powell traces his journey from being a notoriously bad steward who hated the church’s annual “fund-drives” to discovering the biblical pathway “from duty to delight.” Simply put, biblical stewardship is about enjoying a closer, more joyful relationship with our God. As presented in the Bible, stewardship is not just about fund-raising: it is a way of life–and for many of us, it just might be the way to a better life!

October 6

"The Epic of Creation"
Grace Wolf Chase 
Adler Planetarium star formation expert Grace Wolf Chase returns with an update on "The Epic of Creation: The Birth of Star, Planets, and Possibly Life Beyond Earth." Learn about the births of planets, the prospects for extraterrestrial life, how you can participate in exciting research without going back to school, and how people of faith might think about this amazing universe. Wolf Chase is an Affiliated Faculty member of the Lutheran Zygon Center for Religion and Science, Vice President of the Center for Advanced Studies in Religion and Science, and an advisor for Science for Seminaries, an initiative of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

October 20

"The Banality of Grace"
Bruce Modahl, former Senior Pastor at Grace
Pastor Modahl will present material from his new book “The Banality of Grace.” From the book jacket: “We can usually muster the courage to live faithfully through the momentous events in our lives. Courage falters in the details of the day. So, it is in the daily, the mundane, pedestrian, prosaic, quotidian, and even banal that God shows us our place in God’s momentous story.” 



Johannes Bugenhagen: “Dr. Pomeranus”
Kurt Hendel, LSTC Distinguished Ministry Professor Emeritus of Reformation History 
The Reformation was not a "one-person show." Martin Luther was surrounded by an impressive supporting cast. Bugenhagen was one of Luther's most influential colleagues who made diverse contributions to the Wittenberg reform movement. This talk details the work of a key figure, nicknamed “Dr. Pomeranus” by Luther.


"Katharina von Bora: The Morning Star of Wittenberg"
Kurt Hendel, LSTC Distinguished Ministry Professor Emeritus of Reformation History 
Martin Luther never expected to marry, but God surprised him with a gifted, devoted life partner. That was true also of Katharina. Her vivid biography, her relationship with Luther, contributions to their life together; and Luther's comments about Katharina, marriage, and parenting will be explored in this session.


“Retiring  or Repositioning - EncourAGING the Process” 
Rich Bimler, author, retired president of Wheat Ridge Ministries
Retirement, the beginning of a new stage in life, can be a stressful time, but it can also provide an opportunity for spiritual repositioning and a change in emphasis from Doing to Being. This session is intended not just for those undergoing this transition, but also for those who want to learn how to support and encourage parents, grandparents, and friends in their journey into life.


November 17

“Fake News, Real News”

Amy Merrick, DePaul University College of Communication

Read Schuchardt, Associate Professor of Communication, Wheaton College
In today’s media world where so many headlines and websites are called into question, what can the thinking person do to ensure news is legitimate? Two leading journalism professors provide a critical guide to distinguishing fake and real news, with insights ranging from examples in early Christianity to today’s Twitter feed.


November 24

GIFT — Growing In Faith Together

Join Grace members of all ages in Fellowship Hall for song, prayer, and conversations about Christ the King Sunday and the coming Advent season. 

7300 Division Street | River Forest, IL 60305 | (708) 366-6900