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Advent midweek worship: Be still!

11.29.18 | Church News | by Lauren Dow Wegner

Advent midweek worship: Be still!

    Advent worship on December 5, 12 and 19

    Morning Prayer at 11:30am
    Lunch is served after worship on December 5 and 12

    Evening Prayer at 7pm
    Supper is served in Fellowship Hall at 6pm


    Evening worship during Advent

    On Wednesday evenings during Advent, we will continue our tradition of sharing a meal at 6 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.  As dinner winds down, we will gather for worship near the Fellowship Hall doors, carrying lighted candles and singing the opening versicles of Evening Prayer.  We will then travel together to the sanctuary with our candles, where we will find seats in the pews and continue with Evening Prayer.  

    If you can’t make it to the meal but desire to join us for worship at 7 p.m., you may either come to Fellowship Hall for the opening of worship, or come directly to the sanctuary.  If you do not feel comfortable walking from Fellowship Hall to the sanctuary with the assembly, please feel free to simply take a seat in the sanctuary.  (If the sanctuary is empty when you arrive at
    7 p.m., rest assured that the assembly will be joining you shortly.)

    Our Advent midweek liturgy will include the Word for the day, read and proclaimed. You are then invited to explore the Word and the theme for each Wednesday through various means: an interactive station in the sanctuary with meditative prompts, quiet meditation time in your pew, and written reflection in blank space provided in your bulletin. All three of these options will be available each Wednesday evening during the reflection time.

    We hope that this year’s Advent midweek worship will enrich reflection and prayer in the midst of busy lives and schedules.  Maybe you'll choose to do the same reflection offering each week, or maybe you’ll try something different each week.  Regardless, we look forward to worshiping together as we wait for the One who calls us to be still!  

    Pastor Lauren Wegner

    7300 Division Street | River Forest, IL 60305 | (708) 366-6900