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Posted by Jennifer Beasley on

Hello! This week was filled with a variety of sun, snow, and rain. Along with some safety talks, spooky stories, a school parade,  squid, and sheep's heart. So much happens at Grace Lutheran School each week!

Speedy Seventh-graders

Our Cross Country Vikings went to Nationals over the weekend. Lots of racing, and praying. 

And even a cross country celebration at Mrs. Hammer's farm.

Safety First

This week our community first responders shared their time and training with our students by providing safety talks geared for each age group. The talks were very informative and interactive. We are thankful for all they do in our community and at our schools.

Don't be surprised if your child/ren come home and request a family fire drill to be executed over the weekend. I know my family is in need of updating our fire safety plan. Is yours?

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend and when you do, check the batteries on your fire alarms. It's a good time to tackle both! 

Spooky Stories

Our second and fifth graders shared creative Halloween themed writing with each other. 

Check out the special spooky monster and witch fingers which were used to follow along. 

Science and Squid at Shedd

Fourth graders took a field trip to the Shedd Aquarium where they worked in pairs using dissection tools to explore squid anatomy. Students generated their own questions and pursued investigations to answer them. Pretty neat the squid allowed the students to practice skills of inquiry, scientific investigation, collaboration, and communication.

Teaching With Heart

Our teachers have a heart for our students. Specifically, Mr. Schultz also teaches an exciting science class that involves dissecting a sheep's heart. Way to go eighth-graders!

Pumpkin Painting 

 Our First graders worked on polka dot pumpkins using "glow in the dark" paint.  The paintings were inspired by Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. I love the displays of art around the art room and school. It's a reminder of how our art teacher, Mrs. Hammer, brings out each student's creativity!

School Parade

 Our Early Childhood Classrooms benefit from being part of a larger elementary school.  Our older students were an appreciative audience for our Halloween costume parade.  So many littles received high fives from the older grades and smiled from ear to ear. 

This past week, we saw lots of little ones dressed up in masks and costumes pretending to be something or someone else. While we know how fun this can be, we also know that Grace is a place, where we can take our masks off and be who God created us to be...a super creation.

As we head into the weekend and pick through our trick-or-treat bags, may we be reminded of Jesus whenever we eat our candy corn! How sweet is that?!

One last picture before I sign off, because who doesn't love a Pastor and her little dinosaur pic?

Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy weekend. 

Many blessings,

Jenn B.

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